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Dijana Bucalo, designer

Born and trained in Europe, Dijana started her design career at age 12, where she was inspired by her family’s work in the textile industry.  Her grandmother and mother were seamstresses who laid the foundation for her knowledge in couture tailoring, excellent fabrics, and elegant design.  

Looking to perfect and keep her sewing and designing skills up-to-date, Dijana enrolled at University of Textiles and Design Technology in former Yugoslavia where she mastered her tailoring skills. She won awards and accolades with her edgy, tailored and extremely smart designs that show her sensibility to form, shape and richness -- without excess.

Dijana moved to the United States in 1996 and established her brand  in metro Detroit, her home.

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Edson Alves, designer

"Because my mother worked from home as a seamstress, clients dropped off drawings from the designers along with the fabric in bags at our home.  As soon as they’d leave, I’d scurry downstairs and paw through the bags. I’d pull out each drawing and hold it in my hand, studying the lines, the colors, the way they created shadows.  I only had to remember to put them back in the right place (my mother usually had to remind me of that).  My designing started here - I was about 13".

Edson designs for men, women and kids minimalist and simple garments that are comfortable, made to last  and designed to withstand the trends that hit us each season (with no compassion).  He collaborates with his mom and other artists to design and create his work, he knows the names of his sample makers in Brazil, and has even met their children.  Edson brings an integrity to his work that values everyone who contributes a piece to the puzzle (or skirt).

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Silva Bosnjak- knit and accessory designer/stylist

 Silva would sneak into the sewing room of her mother (a seamstress) in the middle of the night to secretly base-pin, iron, and organize the workroom.

As as expert stylist, artist with a clear vision, Silva can carefully and elegantly transform everyday clothes into couture garments.  Her accessory and knitting skills are sought by many, as is her lively personality.

“I like playing with strands of different colors, textures, thickness and functions. For me, knitting is a part of my imagination turned into something tangible and real. This is my world and my game that has been ongoing since childhood.”

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